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Konsole Labs Boosts ZDF with Innovative Push Technology

Konsole Labs Boosts ZDF with Innovative Push Technology

Konsole Labs is thrilled to announce an enhanced version of its news service, Breaking Push, now supporting Audio and Video on Demand. Esteemed clients such as ZDF with its heute app and Deutsche Welle are already leveraging this service.

Berlin, July 2, 2019. The acclaimed Breaking Push Notification Service has been upgraded with new features targeting media outlets. Enhancements include increased dispatch speed and the ability to integrate Video and Audio on Demand as well as Livestreams directly into push notifications. This update broadens the scope of content deliverable via push, from existing audio and video files to links for live radio and TV broadcasts/streams. The innovative 'Audio Push' feature also allows editorial teams to engage users in real-time with dynamic audio notifications, such as a broadcaster's voice, replacing the traditional notification sound.

The Software Development Kit extends the service's reach beyond Android and iOS to platforms like Amazon Fire TV and even within the Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, Breaking Push offers Web browser notifications, expanding the versatility of push notifications. Following its implementation at ZDF, the tool has already passed its first stress test during the European elections, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness.

Push Notifications: A Marketing Tool

Breaking Push is not just for media and editorial teams; it offers an intriguing new avenue for brands to enhance customer engagement. With its capacity for upselling video and audio content and precise tracking capabilities, Breaking Push provides a comprehensive overview of performance, enabling targeted marketing strategies.

About KONSOLE Labs

Since 2000, KONSOLE Labs has been a prominent software developer in the digital media market across Europe, serving as an external development lab for both public and private broadcasters. Its clientele includes SWR, RBB, HR, Antenne Bayern, and many other national and international private stations. KONSOLE Labs also provides Software-as-a-Service solutions.

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