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TÆP - The Audience Engagement Platform

Introducing TÆP - The Audience Engagement Platform, a holistic solution by Konsole Labs, designed to revolutionize the way broadcasters, podcasters, and media houses engage with their audience. Leveraging the power of our comprehensive services including CMS, App Framework, Push Notifications, CCI (Content Channel Integration), and Radio Flow, TÆP integrates these technologies into a single, unified system. Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, TÆP stands at the forefront of digital innovation, streamlining content delivery and engagement across multiple platforms.

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Audience

TÆP, short for The Audience Engagement Platform, is a testament to Konsole Labs' commitment to delivering advanced, user-centric solutions. By amalgamating our core services into one platform, TÆP offers media entities the unparalleled ability to publish, manage, and analyze content across various channels effortlessly. This integration ensures that whether your audience prefers listening to the radio, browsing through an app, or receiving updates via push notifications, they remain constantly engaged with your brand.

The Advantages of TÆP

The essence of TÆP lies in its ability to offer a cost-effective development pathway through the utilization of web technologies. This approach not only reduces the overhead costs associated with app and platform development but also significantly lowers the barrier for content creators to enter and thrive in the digital ecosystem. Furthermore, the inclusion of AI within TÆP elevates content personalization and interaction, ensuring that each user's experience is unique and engaging.

For instance, Radio TEDDY, leveraging TÆP, has seen remarkable success in creating a tailored, interactive content landscape for its listeners. By utilizing the platform's comprehensive CMS and AI-driven recommendation engine, Radio TEDDY delivers personalized audio content, enhancing listener engagement and satisfaction.

Why TÆP Stands Out


TÆP - The Audience Engagement Platform by Konsole Labs represents a paradigm shift in audience engagement and content management. By offering an integrated, AI-enhanced platform, TÆP empowers broadcasters and media houses to redefine their relationship with the audience, fostering a more engaged, informed, and satisfied user base.