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Our services include the development and provision of innovative digital solutions, including mobile and web applications. One focus is on customised radio app solutions that integrate features such as live streaming, podcasts, news and interactive elements. We also develop specialised software for monitoring and analysing social media activity to help clients effectively manage their online presence. Our solutions aim to improve the interaction between brands and their target audience while providing valuable insights into user preferences and behaviour.

The development process for our innovative digital solutions goes through several key steps to ensure that the end product meets our high standards and fulfils the specific requirements of our customers. Here is a detailed insight into the typical development process:

Workshop: We start with a workshop in which we define the vision and goals for the voice application together with the customer. In this phase, we take a playful approach to the topic of voice and use projects that have already been realised to demonstrate what is technically possible. The aim is to develop an in-depth understanding of the customer's requirements and to sketch out an initial draft of the application.

UI concept: In the next step, we develop a detailed UI (user interface) concept. The UI designer plays a central role here. He designs the dialogues so that they are natural and appealing and ensures that the customer's brand remains attractive even after repeated use.

Development: The actual development of the application is carried out without the use of cross-platform tools. This enables us to specifically address the special features of the respective voice assistants. During this phase, the application is tested intensively to ensure that all functions work smoothly before it is published in the relevant stores.

Optimisation: Once the application has been published, the optimisation phase begins. Based on the usage figures and a developed project plan, we make improvements and, if necessary, further develop new functions. This phase also includes support for new device classes to ensure that the application works flawlessly on a wide range of devices.

This process emphasises our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.