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Educational Cooperation with Mediaschool Bayern

Educational Cooperation with Mediaschool Bayern

Supporting the entire audio industry includes nurturing the next generation. We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Mediaschool Bayern, specifically with M94.5, on a shared app development project. In the upcoming months, M94.5 interns, alongside the Konsole Labs team, will be developing an app from scratch, leveraging our Audio App Framework. This initiative marks a significant step towards integrating digital knowledge, the lab concept, and our expertise to empower the young audio creators of tomorrow.

Last year, we celebrated our partnership with the electronic media school (ems) in Babelsberg. With this new collaboration with M94.5, we aim to extend our digital acumen and lab ethos to even more budding audio professionals. Our dedication to digitally strengthening the audio sector involves imparting innovative ideas and skills that are beyond the conventional curriculum to the newcomers.

The collaboration originated at the Medientage München and evolved into a funding application with START INTO MEDIA, emphasizing the importance of knowledge transfer. Through a series of workshops, M94.5's core team and Konsole Labs will collaboratively navigate through various app development stages. This process includes analyzing the target audience, examining current app trends, integrating programming content with digital products, and discussing workflows and departmental collaboration.

Each intern will assume a specific role within the team, such as Lead Technician, Lead Project Management, or Lead UI/Design, employing common tools for project planning, graphic creation, and software essential for such project executions.

Essential Digital Knowledge for Tomorrow's Media Creators!

Klaus Kranewitter, among other roles, is the program director at M94.5. It was with him that the partnership was forged. We wanted to know from him:

Konsole Labs: What's special about this joint project?
Klaus Kranewitter: The students at M94.5 are very excited about the joint project with Konsole Labs. During our shared workshops, they will learn how to plan, conceive, and then implement an app from scratch. So, it's crucial digital knowledge for the media creators of tomorrow!
KL: How important is the app for distribution and for future training?
KK: M94.5 aims to teach its participants that each of our distribution channels, whether video, audio, or social, requires its own appropriate approach. The M94.5 app will further enhance our training capabilities: for instance, in the future, students can deal with when they want to send push notifications as an editorial team. Or how they can best present our podcasts in the app.
KL: How challenging is it for a training broadcaster to undertake such projects – financially and in terms of personnel?
K: Alone, we as a training and education broadcaster could not manage such a project. We are very grateful for the financial support from the Bavarian initiative Start into Media for promoting young talent and look forward to the project with an experienced agency like Konsole Labs.

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Maximilian Knop

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