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Revolutionizing Children's Entertainment with Ad-Free Content and Exclusive Features

Revolutionizing Children's Entertainment with Ad-Free Content and Exclusive Features

Discover a world free from ads, where thousands of episodes and streams crafted just for kids await at Radio TEDDY+. Over a year since its initial kickoff, the innovative platform Radio TEDDY+ has now launched, offering a unique listening experience for families. Powered by our Audio Plus Framework, the platform seamlessly integrates app and website functionalities, controlled by a CMS tailored to editorial needs, including automatic file imports, metadata handling, categorization, and smart recommendation algorithms. This 100% KONSOLE Labs development ensures a tailored, engaging experience for our audience.

Radio TEDDY+ Keyfacts:

Radio TEDDY+ represents a milestone in entertainment for children and parents, allowing families to access content anytime. This innovation marks Radio TEDDY's pioneering role in the radio landscape, supported by revamped editorial processes. Early tests have shown enthusiastic responses from children and parents alike, particularly enjoying the personalized birthday videos.

At KONSOLE Labs, we're committed to the success of Radio TEDDY+. Maximilian Knop, CEO, emphasizes the importance of delivering reliable, high-quality content daily for both children and parents, free from advertisements. This step towards an ad-free environment and a subscription model is crucial, offering families a safe space to explore engaging audio and video content.

Radio TEDDY+ is available now on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Note: Our Audio Plus Framework is scalable, suitable for projects of any size. Interested? Contact us for more information.

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