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The Lab

The Lab

... that is what "Konsole Labs" stands for.

For some years now, the console lab has symbolised the search for answers to questions about the best cross-media product idea that a content provider should choose in order to reach its target group effectively. At a time when the boundaries between TV, radio and the Internet are becoming increasingly blurred, the traditional separation of media channels is long outdated. Broadcasters are repositioning themselves and looking for the right technologies, such as short message services, to reach their users in every conceivable niche.
The laboratory sees it as its task to make these technologies available to customers or to develop them together with them. This involves practical research into whether new technologies are suitable for regular operation. Projects in the laboratory often begin with the question "What if...". One example of such a question was why you can't buy radio programmes in the supermarket.

With the lab approach, Konsole-Labs aims to provide food for thought in the form of workshops that look at new distribution channels and technologies. The focus here is on how traditional media can be integrated into these new channels. In some cases, products are published via developer accounts and the lab reports on these developments on its website.

One of the first projects was the idea of making radio and radio programmes available in supermarkets. This innovative approach illustrates the experimental and forward-thinking nature of the lab's work, which aims to reinterpret and adapt traditional media concepts to make them relevant for the digital era. Through this approach, the lab seeks not only to push technological boundaries, but also to develop creative and innovative solutions for the media industry.