Konsole Labs - AI, Apps, Audio Player and more for audience engagement



Konsole Labs GmbH has established itself as a versatile entity in the digital domain, particularly in the development of innovative applications across various platforms. Their portfolio showcases a range of projects, including Radio Apps, general applications, TV Apps, Content Creation Interfaces (CCI), and Push Notification systems.

Radio Apps

Konsole Labs has been at the forefront of creating radio recorder software and applications that enhance user engagement through live streaming, podcasts, and interactive features. Their solutions aim at making radio accessible and interactive for the digital age.


They have developed a variety of applications tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. These apps leverage the latest in digital technology to provide users with unique experiences, incorporating functionalities like user-generated content submission and integrated social media elements.

TV Apps

Konsole Labs extends its expertise to the TV app domain, designing applications that offer live streaming services and interactive content, catering to the evolving demands of modern viewership.


CCI (Content Creation Intelligence) uses AI to automate and optimize the content creation process. This allows senders to not only create highly personalized and engaging content at scale, but also work seamlessly with text-to-speech applications from multiple vendors to ensure their content is made accessible to a wide audience in an automated way.

Push Notifications

Konsole Labs has developed sophisticated push notification systems that enable real-time engagement with users. These systems are designed to deliver timely and relevant content, thereby increasing user interaction and retention.