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Konsole Labs and M94.5's Innovative Journey in Digital Media Training

Konsole Labs and M94.5's Innovative Journey in Digital Media Training

In April 2022, we shared our collaboration with the Mediaschool Bayern, specifically M94.5. Over the past months, we've conducted several workshops with the trainees from M94.5 to develop an app. This week marks the launch of the app's first version in stores.

Our partnership with the Mediaschool Bayern and M94.5 reflects our commitment to enhancing the audio industry digitally by imparting skills and innovative ideas to the next generation. This collaboration was sparked at the Medientage München 2021 and has been supported by START INTO MEDIA, emphasizing knowledge transfer. Through our workshops, we've explored digital audio trends, app functionalities, and targeted content delivery, shaping the app to mirror the daily workflows and content of the educational broadcaster.

The journey from conceptualization to realization has been an enlightening one for the M94.5 volunteers, challenging their ideas, understanding technical limitations, and preparing them for the realities of private stations. Our discussion with Florian Gut, an editor at M94.5, revealed their satisfaction with the project's outcome and the invaluable insights gained about their audience and media consumption habits.

As we continue to enhance the app with backend features, frontend improvements, and innovative push notifications, we are excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up. With a new round of START INTO MEDIA funding for 2023, we look forward to further workshops and innovative ideas.

The app, including a live stream, podcasts, feature articles, and a messenger service, is now available for Android and iOS users. This endeavor not only prepares the volunteers for the current media landscape but also equips them with the digital competencies needed for the future.

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