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Comenius Award für Radio TEDDY Skill

Comenius Award für Radio TEDDY Skill

Radio TEDDY Skill Wins Comenius Award 2022

In a remarkable recognition of innovation in educational technology, the Radio TEDDY Skill has been awarded the prestigious Comenius Award in 2022. This accolade highlights the exceptional use of digital media to foster educational content for younger audiences.

The Radio TEDDY Skill, designed for smart speakers, combines interactive features with Radio TEDDY's engaging audio content, making learning fun and accessible for children. By leveraging voice commands, kids can explore a world of educational stories, songs, and quizzes tailored to their age group and interests.

The Comenius Award, named after the educational reformer Johann Amos Comenius, is dedicated to acknowledging outstanding achievements in educational media across Europe. The award for the Radio TEDDY Skill underscores the importance of innovative digital solutions in shaping the future of children's education.

This achievement not only represents a significant milestone for Radio TEDDY but also sets a benchmark for educational content delivery through new digital platforms.

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