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CCI in Action at Baden.fm

CCI in Action at Baden.fm
Since 2022 CCI is used by Baden.fm

Baden.fm, a forward-thinking radio station, now offers around-the-clock weather and traffic services, thanks to our Text-to-Speech solution, CCI. Following the development period supported by MIZ Babelsberg, we continued refining CCI, focusing on radio compatibility with baden.fm. The introduction of CCI has revolutionized the listening experience, especially during night-time and early morning hours when live broadcasts were not available. Now, listeners can enjoy regular service blocks with weather and traffic updates, previously absent during these slots.

Introducing Eva 2.0 with Clone Voices

A significant upgrade in our journey of innovation is the launch of Eva 2.0, which features clone voices provided through our CCI system. This advancement allows for the replication of familiar broadcaster voices, making automated content sound more natural and engaging. Eva 2.0 represents a leap forward in creating a personalized and seamless listening experience, blurring the lines between traditional and automated broadcasting.

The Benefits for Baden.fm

By adopting CCI and integrating Eva 2.0, baden.fm has not only enhanced its service offering but also opened up new monetization avenues. The ability to produce fully automated audio content, complete with intros, music beds, outros, and potential sponsorships, and then seamlessly integrate this content into the broadcasting system has proven lucrative. As a result, our clients have experienced a 15% increase in sales revenue from these new service audios.

A Partnership Toward Innovation

We extend our gratitude to baden.fm, and specifically to CDO Sven Sobotta, for their collaborative spirit in this project. Sven Sobotta highlighted the value of automated content creation in expanding their on-air and digital offerings, emphasizing the importance of strong partnerships in driving innovation.

For those interested in exploring the possibilities of CCI and Eva 2.0, please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

This implementation at baden.fm is a testament to the transformative power of CCI and Eva 2.0, marking a new era in broadcasting that prioritizes enhanced listener engagement and revenue generation.

Automated content creation expands our offering on air and in digital channels in a meaningful way. (...) We are delighted to have been actively involved in shaping this innovation from the outset and to have gained strong partners for the implementation of the idea

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