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Four new apps for Funkhaus Nürnberg

Four new apps for Funkhaus Nürnberg

When do you ever release four apps at the same time? Together with our long-term partner Funkhaus Nürnberg, we achieved exactly that this week. New apps for Hit Radio N1, 98.6 Charivari, Radio 97.1 Gong, and Radio F have moved into the stores on our framework, Konsole Audio App 4. Two of them have incorporated Quantyoo technology.

"Year after year, IP reach increases and the pandemic has acted as a boost. The many listeners now find a new, modern home in the new apps of Funkhaus. And with the integration of Quantyoo, the team around Alex Koller is taking exactly the right path to be perfectly positioned for digital marketing in the future," says Maximilian Knop from Konsole Labs.

A Wealth of Features for the Broadcasting House

In addition to the broadcasters' streams, the apps also integrate audio-on-demand content and podcasts. Funkhaus Nürnberg operates its own podcast app, PodYou, on the Konsole App Framework. Current news, stories, information about the shows, traffic reports, and the messenger are just a selection of the features in the new applications.

"An excellent, professional, and friendly collaboration. That's how we like to work with our partners at Funkhaus Nürnberg. The individual solutions we needed were implemented perfectly. Thanks to Konsole, we are ready for the app future," says program director Flo Kerschner about the partnership with Konsole Labs and the new apps. We have been walking this path with the broadcasting house for about seven years. We look forward to the coming years!

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