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PodYou App - based on our white label audio frameweork

PodYou App - based on our white label audio frameweork

KONSOLE Labs develops its own podcast app for Funkhaus Nuremberg

From the region, for the region – The Berlin software company KONSOLE Labs is developing PodYou, a stand-alone podcast app for Funkhaus Nürnberg. The aim is to offer audio fans a regionally centred content platform and to provide them with podcast content from their region. The Funkhaus is kicking off with Franconia. Cooperations with partners from all over Germany are being planned.

Berlin, 11 January 2021. Podcast is in vogue: the user numbers, which have been steadily increasing for years, mark a clear, positive development in the audio world. The offer is becoming more and more diverse and broad – the user is quickly overwhelmed to find the right content for him or herself. A new podcast platform with locally oriented content bundles offers according to a common interest: the region.

A Local Hero on the Podcast Market
The Berlin-based software developer has been working with Funkhaus Nürnberg for many years. So far, the partnership has been limited to the (further) development of the radio app offerings. The Funkhaus came up with the idea of its own podcast app in order to build up a podcast community for Franconia and to provide it with regional content via an independent platform. „Especially for us as developers, this project is particularly exciting,“ says Maximilian Knop, Managing Director at KONSOLE Labs. „There are so many, great podcasts from all regions, all over Germany. But is it easy to find them via the existing platforms? Clearly: No. We believe that there is room for PodYou, with a completely new, regional focus, alongside the big platforms. A place for a new local hero.“

PodYou – based on the white label Podcast Framework from Konsole Labs

Functions and extensions
First of all, PodYou offers its users everything you would expect from a modern podcast app: from the subscription function and downloads to time jumping and speed adjustment. In addition, the app features KONSOLE’s own push notification service – MEDIA PUSH: the service informs users on their device, for example, whenever a new episode of a podcast they have subscribed to goes online. Furthermore, by means of an additional Apple podcast interface, the developer ensures that, in addition to the regional offerings, playback of the entire Apple podcast catalogue is also conveniently possible, including all PodYou functions. PodYou thus has its roots in Franconia – but at the same time is open to podcasts from all over Germany.

What is planned for the future
Continuous further development of the podcast app is planned by both the radio station and the developers. A regional expansion is planned for the future: „We are very pleased that there is already a lot of interest from radio stations and podcasters from all over Germany. The expansion will make PodYou Germany’s only podcast platform with a regional focus,“ says Marcel Tuljus, Head of Audio/ Radio at KONSOLE Labs. „What PodYou will be for Franconia can also become PodYou for Stuttgart, Cologne or Kiel in the future.“

PodYou for Apple: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/podyou-podcasts-für-dich/id1543186981 

PodYou for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.funkhausnuernberg.podyou 

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