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CCI now with GPT - content creation powered by GPT

CCI now with GPT - content creation powered by GPT
We love the new CCI GPT features

Nearly three years ago, our project CCI embarked on a transformative journey, initially envisioned as a CMS and interface for radio stations keen on harnessing Text2Speech technology. Today, in 2023, CCI has broadened its horizon, finding application across multiple radio broadcasters. The advent of enhanced and proprietary synthetic voices alongside the upheaval brought by ChatGPT in the tech domain and our CMS's text generation marks a significant evolution in our approach.

As we ventured into the realm of voice models, we seized the opportunity to develop CCI 2.0. This iteration is not just a visual overhaul of the CMS but also encompasses substantial under-the-hood enhancements:

A pivotal upgrade is the integration of AI/ChatGPT, revolutionizing our content generation within the CMS and paving the way for new content creation avenues previously unexplored. At the upcoming RadidaysEurope in Prague, we are excited to unveil the first version of CCI 2.0. For those intrigued by the prospect of exploring Console Radio GPT, we invite you to get in touch.

Later this year, our partner Bottalk.io will introduce its own synthetic voice, which will be integrated into the CCI system, further enriching our voice cloning capabilities. Bottalk.io has already contributed significantly to the discourse on voice cloning with a comprehensive article on its utility and application.

As we reflect on our journey from 2021, when we initiated the prototype with MIZ Babelsberg's support, to now, the advancements in CCI have been monumental. Our collaboration with baden.fm epitomizes the system's radio compatibility and the seamless integration of Text2Speech solutions for around-the-clock weather and traffic services.

This evolution signifies more than technological advancement; it heralds a new era of digital content creation where synthetic voices and AI-generated text coalesce to offer unparalleled user experiences. The integration of CCI in broadcasting systems like baden.fm's, providing uninterrupted service blocks during off-peak hours, exemplifies the practical benefits and increased monetization opportunities stemming from our innovations.

As we continue to refine CCI, incorporating AI and voice cloning technologies, we stand at the cusp of redefining content creation and engagement. The journey from CCI's inception to the upcoming launch of CCI 2.0 underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital broadcasting realm.

Let's create an image to visually encapsulate the evolution and capabilities of CCI, especially highlighting its impact at baden.fm and the broader broadcasting landscape.

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