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Konsole Labs' Daily Corona News Wins Innovation Grant

Konsole Labs' Daily Corona News Wins Innovation Grant

We're delighted to share that our innovative approach to delivering Daily Corona News has been recognized with one of five grants awarded by the Media Lab Bayern's Open Innovation Challenge. This accolade underscores our commitment to providing timely, accurate updates on the COVID-19 situation across all counties in Germany, utilizing data from trustworthy sources such as the RKI, DIVI, and DESTATIS.

Our Daily Corona News service includes automatically generated news texts, text-to-speech audios, and graphics detailing the latest COVID-19 figures. We offer these updates in several formats to ensure comprehensive media coverage:

This service not only equips media houses with the ability to swiftly inform their audience without the need for additional resources but also ensures accessibility by delivering content in various formats. Additionally, by focusing on county-level data, we cater specifically to regional and local media outlets, supporting them in their mission to provide localized news.

Our graphics templates allow for customization, including the placement of your logo, ensuring your brand remains visible within the content. This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation in news dissemination, making crucial information accessible and engaging for audiences.

For media houses interested in our Daily Corona News, Media Lab Bayern is offering a six-month free trial to a limited number of outlets. We'll handle the initial setup, requiring only some basic information from you to get started.

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