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Never Miss a Beat with YOU FM Radiorecorder: Your Ultimate Music Companion

In 2008, YOU FM, the youth-oriented station of Hessischer Rundfunk, commissioned Konsole Schöneberg to develop a cutting-edge Radiorecorder software. This innovative program was designed with core functionalities to record live streams, play podcasts, videos, and RSS feeds, catering to the dynamic needs of modern listeners.

The development focused on a seamless user experience, characterized by an unobtrusive design that initiates interaction only upon the user's request. This led to the creation of a three-tier concept:

  1. Passive mode, alerting users to new or favorite tracks.
  2. A minimalistic user interface (UI) for channel switching, recording, and title information requests.
  3. The comprehensive third tier offers video, podcast, star news (via RSS Feed), and timer functionalities, leaving no stone unturned.

Launched in spring 2009, YOU FM made this program available as a free download on www.YOU-FM.de. By May 2011, version 1.1 was released, featuring enhancements for Windows 7 and Facebook integration, enabling users to share their favorite songs on their Facebook walls and inform friends.

The YOU FM Radiorecorder revolutionizes how listeners interact with their favorite music and shows. It not only alerts users to when their favorite songs are playing on YOU FM but also provides links, lyrics, podcasts, and videos directly to their desktop. The Facebook connection further amplifies this experience, allowing users to share their musical tastes with friends easily.

With the YOU FM playlist, users stay informed about the latest music hits. The capability to record entire shows positions the YOU FM Radiorecorder as a true recorder, empowering users to never miss their favorite songs or shows again.

The YOU FM radio recorder is only available on some hard disk somewhere in our backup.

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