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CCI Project by Konsole Labs: Pioneering Content Creation Intelligence with MIZ Babelsberg Support

At the dawn of 2021, embarking on new ideas and projects brings a lighter outlook, despite otherwise challenging circumstances. The excitement only heightens when one's ideas receive support and funding from MIZ Babelsberg. We are thrilled that our project, CCI (Content Creation Intelligence), has impressed a jury of notable representatives from Zeit, RBB, Bild, Märkische Allgemeine, among others.

CCI – Content Creation Intelligence

CCI is set in motion, but what exactly is it? In essence, we aim to develop a CMS that simplifies for media companies the process of creating audio content using synthetic voices and seamlessly integrating these into their digital products. Yet, there's more. We intend to fuse the audio world with the data world, and as an added bonus, automatically generate graphics for the audio content.

Our Goals with CCI

Synthetic voices have gained significant relevance over recent years, particularly with the evolution of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, making the interaction with artificial voices somewhat normal for users. While not everything is desirable with synthetic voices, they present a viable means to disseminate many types of information and content.

Various companies offer speech synthesis in a wide range of quality and price points, making it daunting for media houses to navigate the options. CCI aims to ease media companies into the world of Text to Speech, democratizing access to this technology.

New Content Opportunities

We firmly believe that CCI will spawn numerous new content ideas, expanding company portfolios. CCI fills the gap where resources are lacking, enabling the creation of content that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

We have various means to achieve this: either by creating audios from different sources (from website texts to newsletters and push notifications) via TTS providers or by generating synthetic audios based on data-driven text templates. Subsequently, corresponding infographics can be created for the texts, adaptable for various devices, platforms, and usage scenarios. CCI thus bridges the audio and visual worlds with the data realm.

We are not only excited about the support from MIZ but also about collaborating with ARD Text and MAZ Märkischer Tagesanzeiger, with whom we aim to work on our idea in a very practical manner. Nonetheless, we are always open to more interested parties and partners. The project is set for eight months, and we will continuously update on our progress.